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Digital Forensics within LEOs is limited by no remote access or data transmission and underlies strict processes of evident data collection (write-blocking, faraday, sealing etc.). What in general is crucial for court-related evidence is a huge bottleneck is speed. Some crime situations require fast, very fast access to data.

A new project came to our team to engineer and design. An electro car with 400VDC bord voltage to feed a compact but highly equipped server cluster (dual power supply DC) with 128GB RAM and multi GPU for password cracking (CentOS, KVM virtualization). Just think about a mobile datacenter for forensics. But in addition we got a real challenge to think about. If live is in danger, clean evidence is secondary.

To not invest in time consuming imaging, we want to skip it completely. Instead of write-blocking we install in separate hard- and software a Read Write Guard RWG which logs duplex. So no blocking but guarding. Some of our team say Will never work. But we have to try. The goal is that the court seals the ICFL as a whole.

For all holding us cracy, we agree. But we want to find a new way of Super Fast Forensics SFF.
Any advice you want to share? As yesterday during kick-off workshop initiated this is day-2.

Dankeschön from Swiss - Speed, wireless, secure and safe

Posted : 10/09/2017 1:32 am
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You could log your own car to learn car forensics. ARGUS Cyber Security did break in by Bluetooth and can help you. Bevakasha

Posted : 15/09/2017 8:18 am