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Are there any forum members working in investigations in multinational corporations, who would be prepared to talk about some of the challenges you face in meeting the different requirements imposed by different jurisdictions that your company operates in?
At this point my desire is to look purely into internal investigations and does not need to consider evidence for presentation to external parties.

I am aware of the work by Lomas and Kramer ("Corporate Internal Investigations"), which is widely touted as the only work to cover this scope. If anyone knows of other works, I would love to hear of them.


Posted : 19/01/2015 3:01 pm
New Member

As a relatively new member who, at present, is mostly content with sitting back and reading / learning, I would like to take this opportunity to say I as well would be greatly interested in any information on this subject matter as well and look forward to the responses this pulls in.

Also, I honestly had not heard of the Lomas Kramer book prior to this post, so thank you for that tidbit mgilhespy!

Posted : 19/01/2015 5:47 pm