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Macbook Pro Imaging - T2 chip help

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Hello Everyone,

I'm having an issue while attempting to image a (Macbook Pro - Mid 2018 - MR932LL) and wanted to see if I could seek assistance from the forensic community on the best course of action. In the past when I've imaged Macs, I've used Paladin Imager (freeware so not exactly the best tool) but really never had issues imaging Macs with it until now. On this latest imaging attempt, I was able to get Paladin to boot into Forensic mode from the Macbook, however when I attempt to choose a source device, Paladin was unable to see the internal drive. After speaking with Sumuri, the reason the drive his hidden is due to the T2 chip and the encryption implemented. With that being said, I want to see what other methods people are using to image Macs at this time? Awhile back I've used Macquisition and Recon, so I'm aware of a couple other tools which may be solutions, but if possible, am trying to avoid paying a ton of money for software if it can be avoided. Any help would be appreciated.



Posted : 27/08/2021 2:14 am
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Digital Collector v3.2 from Cellebrite

Posted : 28/08/2021 12:50 pm