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NETCLEAN ANALYZE - Report Templates ?

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

We are starting to use Netclean Analyze for categorisation and triage. Initial trials are very encouraging.

However, having completed categorisation I am looking to a method of reporting the results in a format that will be acceptable for UK Court.

The current Template isn't particularly suitable.

Does anyone have a suitable Template / Templates that can be used to produce a report showing Images Categorised



Topic starter Posted : 03/02/2015 7:03 pm
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Unless it has changed in the new version, I assume the output you mean is a template statement with totals in it and a html/word/csv document with all the file details in?

If its still like this, the easiest way to do your report (assuming you have used C4All for the extraction in the first place) is to import the data back into the forensic tool you used to extract it and make it part of your "normal" report.
The method for doing this varies depending on if you are using Encase 6,7 or X-ways. If you let me know which you are using I can advise.

If you not using C4All but instead NetClean for the extraction then there isn't as much you can do.

I've been talking to Netclean for a while about changing the reports and I believe the major changes to reporting are due around the March period, though I'll email them to confirm this.

Posted : 05/02/2015 3:24 pm