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Old Nokia 'n' series examination

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I have a Nokia N206 for examination.

The model was released 2012, it only has a charging socket plus one other round smaller socket on the top.

The spec is 64mb memory plus SD card, but there is no SD card present. There is no USB or data port.

Aside from examining the SIM, is there a way I can recover the data from the phone or is it going to be 'chip off'?


Posted : 11/06/2020 3:31 pm
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It's an MTK based phone. It's possible to solder USB cable to the pads under the battery and get full dump using for example Best BB5 tool. Google for "Nokia 206 fbus pinout" (FBUS is missleading here, but will find you what you need). If you get unknown device - swap rx and tx wires.

Posted : 14/08/2020 8:18 pm