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Online Storage  

New Member

I was just reading this article regarding online storage and wondering what everyones thoughts were on the subject ?


Do you feel online storage would pose problems for those working in the CF field or do you think they are a great idea ?

I can see the technological advantages and perhaps the financial ones, though storage is not as expensive as it was. However, I can potentially see issues with gaining access to the data and of course the more storage that is available then the more data there is to search - an inevitable challenge perhaps!

Posted : 22/04/2006 5:30 pm
New Member

As a techno-geek, I think it's a great idea. Online backups, file storage accessible from anywhere with an internet connection - what's not to love?

As a forensic practitioner, sure, it'll pose problems when conducting investigations. However, access to these systems will require specialized software (in the case of Google) or registry key additions (in the case of Live Drive) that can be checked for. And any files stored remotely will have to be downloaded to the local system (probably - unsure of the technology they will be implementing), so there should still be traces of critical documents/images on the hard disk itself.

We might have to start writing more subpeonas/search warrants to get at this information, but that's nothing new.

Posted : 24/04/2006 7:44 pm