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Organising a UK meet up - interest?  

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Early stages of thinking/development, but I'm thinking about organising a U.K. meet up for people in DF to get together from all related industry areas (academia, law enforcement and private).

Its not going to be a conference per-se, more of a gathering to get to grips with where DF is at currently in the UK and where its going. I think it would be good to get people in a room and find out what is going on in our world - issues, breakthroughs, directions etc., and hopefully to foster some networking and collabs - who knows, im not going to get carried away.

Now there will be a basic agenda I guess but there are some themes I think which would be useful, but would prefer to have these shaped by potential attendees. I will look to get some speakers who are prominent in any particular themes which are going to be discussed.

I'm looking for it to be free, its to get us all together to communicate so I don't want people being put off by cost. Im really keen to have something which is accessible and hopefully beneficial to people.

Early days, would love suggestions , ideas etc.

…Poll for idea on whether its maybe a non-starter.

I also realise location will also determine whether people attend, but if that could be put out the equation for the moment, I could try to be flexible later should it even be a potential runner.


Posted : 16/08/2019 9:28 am