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OS X Time Zone/Syncronisation

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Hi all,


I have an image file (no access to exhibit) and I need to verify things such as timezone settings and if the device is set up to automatically sync the clock via the internet.

If you could also point me in the direction of where/what log to look for to see it is synchronising?

This is on a Mac OS X 10.15.3

Thanks in advance.

Posted : 22/03/2021 5:12 pm
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For timezone try:


At least as a starting point - it appears to contain it in older (10.8) versions. 

For syncing - try:


Again, your mileage may vary given version difference. 



Posted : 23/03/2021 7:02 am
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Thanks for the response. 

I managed to get an answer on timezone information but there is no longer ntpd.log. I believe they have moved this since Sierra. Now I believe you have to look in system logs for "timed" to piece time syncs back together.



Posted : 25/03/2021 9:00 am