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The objective of my examination/analysis of the DVD labeled
Copy of Original Defence Copy”
is to establish the following
To examine the physical area of the disc to verify no damage had been caused to the disc.
To examine the data content of the disc for
To outline in my opinion any other relevant observations I note relevant to the analysis of CCTV recordings.
To provide a report outlining my examination/analysis
On completion of my analysis of a DVD labeled Copy of Original Defence Copy my findings are as follows

I find the disc to be labeled as a copy and not an original evidential exhibit
I find no physical damage on the disc to prevent examination/analysis of the DVD.
I find the disc to contain two video clips and a Windows Media Player playlist file.
The Windows media Player playlist file is an index for the software The WPL file stores a list of references to the audio and video files, but not the actual media files themselves.
I find the content of the first video clip titled to be consistent with a VHS tape recording output which is both blurred and inconsistent as during the clip the rewind functionality is played.
I further found a date/time stamp embedded in the recording displaying the “24th Sept 2012”, a channel “CH05”. Due to the wear and tear of the recording no definitive time/date accuracy can be established.
Furthermore, the clarity of the recording is very poor both on focus and quality.
I find the content of the second clip titled “-1” to be consistent with a video recording.
I find that the angle of the recording and the expected static nature of a CCTV camera to be inconsistent as my observations notice the camera moving from right to left during the playing of the video clip
I cannot rule out the possibility that the recording may have been taken by a hand held device which would explain the camera both moving from right to left and the shuddering movements of the camera during the recording.
The age and poor quality of the recording unit together with weather conditions may also be responsible.
I found during the playing of the video clip that the speed of the recording to be unusually fast and not in my opinion in normal real time mode.
I found the “Handbrake V0.9.9” software reference embedded in the video hex view. HandBrake is a video converter program intended to both rip and convert video files to work on a number of supported devices. HandBrake V0.9.9 was released on May 18, 2013
Due to the multiple setting configurations of the software the recording resulted in play mode being very fast and inconsistent with actual timing

I find the metadata of the disc to be unavailable due to the multiple variant transitions of the clip from various sources together with multiple numbers of copies having been created
I find no validation of the disc or its data content available due to the alterations of the metadata of both disc properties and file content properties
I find that the CCTV Unit system is not available to verify any of the alleged recordings.
I find that only one camera recording was present on the DVD and that further cameras maybe on the system as is standard but were not included.
I found the content of the video clip to be a consistent recording and not edited.
I found the clip to be 10 seconds in length
I found the “Frame per Second” rate to be 1
I found the clip to contain 262 frames
Hence the explanation of the video clip running at fast speed

Posted : 17/02/2016 8:25 pm