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hi guys

i am looking to investigate the logical toruble shooting step if a PC wont power up

this is the research that and steps that i have found

1 Make sure power cable is plug into both the socket and the computer and the socket is switched on
2 check the fuse on the socket
3 change the power lead and or power supply
4 check for earth leakage( if a screw or something has come loose inside the unit) and has could have shorted out the mother board
5 check the power switch on the unit
6 use a voltage meter to check at what point if any the power is not getting to the motherboard

can anyone guide me in the right direction if i missed anythig logically that i should be checking

thanks for your help

Posted : 29/03/2006 1:43 am
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Check the PSU is plugged into the motherboard

Posted : 29/03/2006 7:54 am
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thanks jamie will do some research in that area

also can anyone advise if i have got them in the correct logical order

thanks a million

Posted : 29/03/2006 8:35 am
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Check the voltage setting on the Power Supply (110 or 220).

Check the wall socket / surge protector to make sure they have power. Try different socket.

Posted : 29/03/2006 11:12 am
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You might want to completely remove the motherboard from the casing. This will ensure you have no short circuits. Also, remove all devices not absolutely essential, extra video cards, PCI controllers not needed for start-up, etc. I also remove all drives (floppy, harddisks, tape, everything that can be unplugged) and try the restart. You may have a piece of hardware that has gone bad. Check your Processor fan to ensure it is spinning. Some of the newer MB's will not run without cooling. (Note none of them will run for long without cooling, GRIN).
Get it down to absolute bare minimums to properly check it out.

Posted : 30/03/2006 1:53 am