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Question/s to assist with Job progression

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Hi Folks,


I'm looking to progress further in my current role (from Examiner to Analyst) but I am stumped on a few questions. I have completed some research but it is hard to find answers and explanations to some of the questions I have!

Hopefully you can help me out!

1. What files would be required in order to break a lock screen on an Android Lollipop device? - Am I right in thinking custom recovery (.twrp)?

2. An iOS device routinely uses plist files. What format do they usually come in? - Am I right in thinking this is a trick question? Although I'm under the impression that plist can be transferred to XML and binary?

3. Identifying a device has custom recovery installed on the device - I think I would start the device in recovery mode and differing logos/interface and differing text would be appear?

Thank you in advance!!!



Posted : 22/07/2020 8:41 am