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Re-Purpose of Cellebrite TOUCH unit

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Has anyone out there have ideas or done modifications to an old Cellebrite Touch handheld unit to use it at a "tablet" type device?

Posted : 07/05/2017 8:08 am
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What would you use it for? They are clunky and painfully slow… 😯
I can't wait till we get the new ones, hopefully sometime this year.

Posted : 08/05/2017 11:42 am
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The tables are based on Windows XP. Very old OS.

Posted : 08/05/2017 12:58 pm
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UFED Touch 1 2010 model is indeed using Windows XP
UFED Touch 2 that was launched in 2016 is using Windows 10

Posted : 11/05/2017 12:57 am
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Posted by: @tackleberry

Has anyone out there have ideas or done modifications to an old Cellebrite Touch handheld unit to use it at a "tablet" type device?

I know this is an old post but has anyone had any luck with this?  i figured  out to get into the bios and clear the admin settings but cannot get admin lock down on the tablet


thanks in advance for you help..


Posted : 01/07/2020 4:09 pm
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Sir can you please share the method to enter Cellebrite Touch2 bios?

Posted : 13/05/2021 12:43 am
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I too have come across a deal for a couple of these units.  It was not my intention to investigate it's current function except maybe in a mild curiousoty.  I mainly want to hardware yo use for other things.  So I got a couple ofr of eba at a very reasonable price.  Low enough so that it won't break my heart if they have to keep running win 7.  But the are pretty cool little machines, big battery, one Ethernet port and one POT import, 4 different sim card bays, a very intuitive interface for cloning/imaging phones and user date as well as sms history and all that.  As I said,  not my interest,  but it may be for someone else.  I have two of these machines (I figured one control one to operate on).  And I'm willing to gift anybody who can help with this second machine.  From outward purposes it appears to be a core i5 unit with 4g upgradeable ram,156 gb ss hdd and a FireWire interface that is used for imaging/cloning cell phones and scavenging available that is available...  One of the units came with a full set of cable so I'm interested to see what dmesg says about it.  I cannot so far get into the bios to allow usp boot...  Any help or guidance is appreciated 

Posted : 26/05/2023 4:51 am