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Recovering delete Bitlocker partition

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I have a problem and I am hoping someone here could help me out a bit. I have a 2TB external HDD with multiple partitions and one of them was Bitlocker encrypted. I had a lot of my old data on there like old backups and family pictures, and yeah I was stupid enough not to have any backups. I didn't use the disk for quite sometime and recently checked it, and strangely the space of the Bitlocker encrypted drive showed up as unallocated. I don't remember how this happened and I might have deleted the partition by mistake.

Now, I am trying to recover the partition or the files in the partition. I tried multiple third party tools like the Minitools MiniTool Power Data Recovery, DiskGenius, Stellar Data Recovery and more, but none of them were able to detect the deleted partition. I tried using the bde-repair tool, but it gives the error:
ERROR: The input volume has suffered damages to critical information related to the decryption key. Please try the -KeyPackage option to specify a key package. The volume may not be recoverable.

I deleted the rest of the partitions, hoping that there might be BL metadata copies in other locations and ran the bde-tool again and this time it found the proper metadata, but it was invalid and in the end I got the same error as before. I also tried to run the other recovery tools again, which finds the other deleted partitions but not the encrypted one.

Is there anything more I can do at this point to recover my data, or is there no hope? Thanks.

Posted : 20/12/2021 7:41 pm
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Good morning,

I advise you to make an image of the raw hard disk if possible.
Work on that image to recover or try. The less things that can use the information on the original drive the better.
You can use: or
as others.

Then try to use this one, guide I hope it will work for you.

Also if you don't have a drive letter you will have to assign it manually which can be done with diskpart in administrator mode or graphically in the disk manager.

Recovery programs, I advise you the 0&0 recovery, the Stella, R-tools that has the rtools undelete free, Lsoft that has the killdisk in its catalog and ontrack. You can also use easeus

Also keep in mind to have a nas or cloud service for very important things.

Best regards and good luck


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