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Recovering deleted telegram messages

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What is a good tool that can help me with recovering deleted telegram messages? I have an iPhone with full file system extraction. I have tried Magnet AXIOM and it is able to extract recent telegram cloud chats from the device. It is clear from these chats that some messages were deleted by the user - which AXIOM unfortunately seems to be not able to retrieve. I tried manually searching through the sqlite db but did not have any luck.

Oxygen forensics claimed a couple of years ago it could retrieve deleted telegram messages but there has not been a lot of discussion of this topic in the DFIR community since. Are deleted telegram messages a lost cause at this point?

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Posted : 21/05/2022 1:16 am
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Have you attempted to perform a physical Checkra1n image of your iPhone?  You did not specify which model iPhone you are working with.

Posted : 27/05/2022 8:09 pm