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Hello all,

I was just wondering if some of you could possibly help me out with some research that I am doing. For my Master's Thesis I am trying to create an experiment where a criminal uses his voice to elude police and destroy evidence. The basis is the criminal says "Alexa, Lawyer Up" as police are closing in/serving a warrant and the Alexa triggers the lights to be turned off, locks the doors, wipes his phone and computer while sending a text message to his friends that the police are here. Right now I am using IFTTT to connect these devices but IFTTT does not use multiple triggers. Was seeing if anyone had some ideas for making multiple triggers with just one word, maybe have IFTTT run a batch file or something like that.

Also if anyone has run into a criminal who has done something very similar with the use of technology in the field, I would love to interview you and get some more context on how it was done. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated!! God Bless!

Posted : 14/01/2020 3:19 pm
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Let me see if I understand the idea

There is a "central" device, Internet connected, voice actuated, conventionally, but not necessarily, an Amazon Echo, that can be triggered at will with a given passphrase.

When triggered the device must (concurrently or in an as short as possible sequence) activate a number of procedures, either "local" (and/or "cabled") or "remote" (and/or "wireless"), among them
1) turns lights off (why?) <- local and cabled
2) locks the doors <- local and cabled
3) wipes the phone (how?) <- local but wireless, and the latter either through the SIM connection or through local Wi-Fi
4) wipes (how?) <- local and cabled or wireless (local Wi-Fi)
5) send a text message to friends (or accomplices?) and is the message originating "local" or "remote" i.e. "from the cloud" (and before or after the wiping of local devices?)

It seems to me like all the "results" are essentially "local", with the exception of the sending of the SMS that might be "remote", so I fail to see the need to "broadcast" a directive (via the Internet connected device) that after bouncing through any number of servers, "comes back" and activates "local" actions.

Besides, Police may well cut power and internet cables to the criminal house and use a jammer.

The actions might need to be performed in a different order, if you switch off electricity (and not only lights) all the electronic devices, including the internet connected device and your router will be powered off.

But keeping temporarily the same numbering

#1 is doable via a relay/switch (but the house needs to be cabled for it)
#2 is doable via a relay/switch (and as well the locks must be electric and "connected")
#3 is probably - really cannot say - doable via some commands or message issued through the cellular network or the local Wi-Fi, but it will take anyway some time
#4 is doable via some commands through cabled network or Wi-Fi but it will take LOTS of time (hours) if you intend to wipe the hard disk. a possibly working approach (wipe ram + close encrypted volume) is linked to below
#5 is doable both using the phone or the local computer or by some provisions "on the cloud"

There must be a reason why in movies the bad guys have a "nuke button" that either triggers explosives or sends shock waves of electromagnetic energy through the devices, and I believe that the reason is that the effects are immediate.

You still could have an USB killer of sorts, though

Or possibly this

More loosely, search on the net for "panic button".

BTW, if I was a criminal, I would also have a fog cannon 😯 in such a setup


Posted : 14/01/2020 5:18 pm
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