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Retainer agreements?  

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Can anyone with more experience point the way to some sample retainer agreements for a Forensic Computer Examiner?

As an IT consultant I've always billed a deposit and billed the remainer after the job. Several clients want me to do forensic analysis of break-ins for them (which I do have the skills for) but they each expect to pay me a retainer to begin. That sounds great to me, but I need a retainer that will have the proper language and protections (ie: so I am not liable for anything beyond my fees, etc).

Can anyone with more experience in this area lend some help?

Posted : 16/11/2004 3:32 pm
Junior Member

Hi TurtleCove

difficult this one. In the past we have done this by way of MOU, or Memorandom of Understanding which is signed by the client along with our normal T's and C's but then we also have the professional indeminity and appropriate insurances to satisfy relative protection for the services we offer. In my experience (previosuly in IT Recruitment) a limited company set up would be a good idea which you may already have - this will give you some limited protection. May be the best way to go about it is to keep it simple with simply a letter or MOU as above with the job detail and the caveat that the fee is only for the work - all signed and dated by you and your clients. does this help?

Posted : 16/11/2004 4:21 pm
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I appreciate the assistance, but unfortunately, this doesn't help me much. Saying I need a 'Memorandum of Understanding' is little better then saying I need a 'Retainer Agreement.' I know I need these documents, I just don't know what goes in them specifically to cover a Forensic Examination project.
I am working under the protection of an 'S Corporation', so I do have some liability protection there.

Posted : 16/11/2004 5:09 pm
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It sounds as if you're looking for something with legal terminology…at least, you probably should be, particularly if you want to protect yourself. "Forensics" and "intrusions" are still, unfortunately, misunderstood, and can lead to issues if you don't manage the customer's expectations.

I'd really recommend that you speak to an attorney. It may require an initial outlay of cash, but if you do it right up front, and you expect to be doing a lot of this type of work, in the long run you'll find that it's worth it.

H. Carvey
"Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery"

Posted : 16/11/2004 5:31 pm
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Did you google your own request?

retainer agreement computer forensics


Posted : 16/11/2004 5:53 pm
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> Did you google your own request?

HAHAHA! I swear I did! Not with those exact words, but I did.
My googling skills must be slipping.


Posted : 16/11/2004 6:44 pm