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Running Axiom in VMware or VirtualBox?

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Is it possible to run Axiom in VMware or VirtualBox? I'm using USB dongle licence.

My reasoning is that virtualized env. is much easier to scale in analyzing process.

Posted : 03/11/2022 7:36 am
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i dont think there is problem if you connect the dongle to the vm

Posted : 03/11/2022 1:07 pm
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I used Axiom on a Windows 7 guest running on a Debian host via VirtualBox. We used a dongle server and I had no problems connecting to it through SEH UTN Manager, just had to set up the VM to run in a bridged network mode. Using a physical dongle should be a piece of cake, your VM just has to capture the USB device. 

Posted : 08/11/2022 4:07 pm