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Safari private browsing remain after power up

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Whilst testing one of out new company web portals on an iPhone 6S running IOS 14.3 I was logged into the portal in private browsing mode when the battery died. After charging I returned to safari to find the portal had logged me as expected but how did Safari remember the page? I thought safari didn't save any browsing activity in Private mode and that a restart would clear any information held in memory? Im guessing safari writes the suspend state to storage even in private mode?

Any thoughts appreciated as always.


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Posted : 05/01/2021 1:36 am
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Yes, during private browsing mobile Safari records information about the tab session - even if the tab was being browsed in private.  This is retained in the BrowserState.db, where the tabs table retains the most recent tab that was open when the browser suspended.  There is a handy column that indicates if the tab was open in private.

Furthermore, the tab_sessions table retains more history about the tab when it was open.  This is retained in a binary plist, as a BLOB in the SQLite database.

The following document provides some information, from the viewpoint of iOS13 - and I believe it is still current for iOS14


Hope that helps

Posted : 05/01/2021 3:07 pm
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Posted : 17/01/2021 11:15 pm