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Samsung rom downgrade

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I currently have a Samsung exynos j400m that have rom updated to spl after mar/22 (so, no working bootloader extraction) . The current rom is bit E and I wasn't able to downgrade since there's no bit E with older spl in roms for my country.

So, wen I looked at samfw I was able to find some rom with bit E and spl dec/21, but from a different country. Then my question is, could I downgrade temporarily using this rom from a different country since I will use home_csc to not wipe the data? Sorry asking this this I currently don't have the same device as test phone to check it.



Posted : 07/12/2022 1:14 am
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In general yes, that's possible. CSC doesn't have to match and as long as you use HOME_CSC file, you should be ok and data will not get affected.

Posted : 07/12/2022 7:58 pm