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I'm looking at an image of a Win7 Enterprise SP1 system, is 593KB
First entry = Feb 25th 2014 @ 053936.906
Last entry is = Mar 7th 2014 (employee's last day with company)

There is also a file called, size = 16,454KB
First entry = 11th Oct 2012
Last entry = begins 25th Feb 2014 @ 053923.736 but has no "<<< Section end" or "<<< Exit Status" lines

Viewed in Notepad, the end of the latter file is a blank "dvi" line followed by a new line
Viewed in Notepad++, the last "dvi" is followed by many Null icons

I remember XP renaming setupapi.log and creating a new one (once it got to circa 1MB?) but haven't come across this behaviour in Win7 before

Have done some searching here and Google, saw that David Cowan had noticed the same but didn't find any follow-up, also that David Nides had done similar but again didn't find any follow-up

Anyone know of a place to read up on this?


Topic starter Posted : 18/04/2014 10:05 pm