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Snagit Information  

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If you're examining a system with Snagit (Tech Smith's popular capture software) installed, you might want to see if images, etc. you find have come from Snagit.

If so, Snagit automatically attaches date/time/URL and other tagging information to a capture, so assuming that you're working with a bootable image, it might be worth running Snagit to see what information it offers. You can search Snagit captures in various ways, and you can click "tags" on the top menu to see the tags that Snagit has associated with those screen captures.

I would imagine that the greatest forensic value of this information would likely be confirmatory, i.e. in conjunction with other evidence that certain websites were visited, and when. Also, I would think (logically) that the fact that a capture had been performed on a website would argue against the defense that someone visited the site "accidentally", "a bot did it", etc. Also, since users can create their own categories, keywords, etc. this information might provide invaluable additional insight into the user's mindset, intentions, interest, etc.

Incidentally, by default Snagit stores every capture it takes!

Here's a brief video on this function in Snagit


Posted : 28/03/2011 10:59 pm