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Some clarifications about TRIM and factory reset.

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One week ago I deleted some photos on my phone and then I factory reset to sell it. (Oreo with FDE by default) :


- It's possible to recover something after I deleted them also from the trash? Or TRIM/garbage collection did everything after some minutes? Probably only fragments of bits would remain (we are not talking about encryption)

-with a factory reset, new encryption key, /data /cache are deleted and the old user blocks are sent to TRIM?


realistically, what's still there? Paranoid but also for personal knowledge.
Posted : 07/02/2024 7:03 pm
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Does a factory reset remove the previous user blocks from TRIM and erase the new encryption key from /data/cache?

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Posted : 12/02/2024 2:50 am
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What's still there?

Posted : 01/03/2024 10:40 am