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Sprint CDR - NEID time zone

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Hello all, I have an issue with interpreting a Sprint Call Detail Record. A voice call was placed and the time stamp for that call is 13:05. Reading the definitions page, it tells me to use the switch time to determine which timezone the call is recorded in. The switch is Nashville (211) and the listed timezone for that switch is "central/eastern" ..

Okay, so which time zone do i attribute to the call? I have attempted to get clarification from Sprint technical support but since I do not have an account they give me the run around. I have been told by a Sprint salesman (not a technical person at all) that it is the device location that determines this.

Has anyone resolved this issue or is there any documentation to provide insight?


Thank you


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Dont be confused. The judge or assembly of jurywomen and men need finally a forensic evidence report with the central timeline of the REALITY the crime happend. This is the local time at crime scene (definde this in the entry of the report as LT LocalTime). The network time in your case of Sprint is not interest. You get it?

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After reviewing your post history, roflgutmann is a troll.

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Did Sprint provide you with the cell tower(s) the phone was connected to at the time calls of interest were made or received?

Based upon the geographical location of the cell tower(s), one could determine which time zone(s) the phone was located in at the time calls of interest were made or received.

It is conceivable that during the duration of a single long phone call, the smartphone could have connected first to a cell tower located in CST and then a second cell tower located in EST.

Sample Warrant Language: Location History-All location data whether derived from
Global Positioning System (GPS) data, cell site/cell tower triangulation/trilateration,
precision measurement information such as timing advance or per call measurement data,
and Wi-Fi location. Such data shall include the GPS coordinates and the dates and times
of all location recordings from the period ____ to ____.

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