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system time change

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Hi all.
I want to understand when the system time changed. It was quite a long time ago (10 months ago) so the journalctl / log won't help. The date is known with an accuracy of 2 days. (The system started with a new wrong date, then started with a normal date) I can assume that the synchronization was turned off, then turned on. You need to understand whether it was a system failure, or a deliberate change in time, and know the exact date and time.
More detailed scenario
We know that updates have been downloaded on 02/22/2022 06:57
In the interval between 02/22/2022 06:57 and 02/23/2022 08:34, the date and time were changed, synchronization was disabled (most likely), the system was rebooted, the computer was working for a certain amount of time with a new date (there are files with a timestamp of 10.01 .2022 05:07), then roll back the date\time back to the correct state and, or enable synchronization. Question: are there records of these changes somewhere in the system? What queries and where to look? Unfortunately there are no journals for this period. There is nothing in the terminal history either.

Posted : 28/12/2022 5:12 pm
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