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Techno Security 2009  

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I just got back from Techno Security 2009 which was held at Myrtle Beach.

I must say that it was one of the best attended and worthwhile events I have ever been to.
Lots of forensic topics/labs sponsored by AccessData (not just based on their products) and other presenters as well as from academia (Gary Kessler gave an excellent talk on legal and other issues as well as a prof from NYU - who's name escapes me - presented beta software that uses entropy testing to carve data - very cool). The vendor displays were excellent. Interesting products everywhere, including a firewire write-blocker from Tableau that came on the market about two weeks ago (for my fellow Mac analysts out there- hooray!). I recommend that next year consider taking this event in.


Posted : 06/06/2009 8:44 pm

I was there as well. Techno was great! Lots of good info. Evidently the conference organizers listened when folks complained a couple years ago that Techno was little more than a bunch of infomercials for vendors to hawk their wares. This year, practically every presenter from the major vendors prefaced their sessions with, "I'm not here to push our company's product…." And they didn't!

The Exhibit Hall was well-populated and those manning the booths took time to talk at length and give full demos of their goods. I was especially impressed with Susteen, Cellebrite and the gents with the .XRY system.

During the sessions, I picked up some great tips on interesting forensics software and hardware for both PC/Mac and mobile devices.

Definitely well worth the time.

Posted : 07/06/2009 8:10 am
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During the sessions, I picked up some great tips on interesting forensics software and hardware for both PC/Mac and mobile devices.

…such as…??

Posted : 07/06/2009 11:04 pm

Such as

ViperLab's UCSniff 2.0 (for analyzing VoIP traffic on a network) - Free!

CERT's Aperio v.0.7b (The "Lite" version was handed out to session attendees in the first two rows. It is extensible by adding anti-forensic tool signature in a simple config file)

(Cheap! - $30 for "Pro" version. Data-recovery software for iPhones and iPods. Does not require jail-breaking the phone.)

Tableau and WiebeTech showed off their new hi-speed write-blockers. These products are actually affordable for one-man shops like mine.

Several vendors were showing their mobile forensics kits which were mostly in the $2500+/-$500 range. They were nice, but… it would take me at least a year to recover the cost of just *one* of these kits, based on my current intake of phones. I'll stick with Bitpim and/or the phone mfr's sync software for now.

The above is just a sample. Again, Techno was very worthwhile. Being an ISSA member entitled me to a free VIP pass that would have cost nearly $1000 otherwise. That made it easier for me to justify the $95 membership renewal that was due, coincidentally, by the opening day of Techno!

Oh, and AccessData picked up the tab Tuesday night for us at Margaritaville. I made sure I got some of the cost of FTK back! 8) wink

Posted : 08/06/2009 12:06 am

I was there too and I was surprised by a new release of the popular Helix CD by the guys at e-fense.

Drew demo'd their Helix 3 CD and their new USB stick that works like a triage. I think the price tag was somewhere around $500 USD.

When I was in law enforcement, I must have burned a copy of the Helix CD several times but to this day, never gave it a try, despite hearing from many guys in the industry that they liked it a lot.

Having seen Helix 3 in action with a completely new GUI (window-like), I was impressed. Not sure if I will buy but it was one of the neat things.

I found the quality of presentations to be top notch and there was lots to see from the different exhibitors. This year was my first and I will definitely consider it again next year.

Posted : 14/06/2009 7:24 am
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I agree, it was very interesting.

It was my first time too and I will push my boss to go back next year…

The highlight presentations for me
- FTK Best Practices / Maximum Performance by Eric Thompson
- Advanced Forensic Imaging Digging Deeper by Robert Botchek
- iPhone Forensics by Steve Whalen
- Browser Forensics by John Bradley

Best products
- e-fense LiveResponse
- Tableau TD1
- BitQuest CacheBack
- Tableau FireWire T9
- WebCase

The only thing I would change is allow 15 minutes between each presentation instead of making them back to back. This would give us time to go to the next presentation without the need to leave early and would give us time to ask questions to the presenter.

Otherwise, great show.

Looking forward for the Powerpoint to be posted online though…

Posted : 22/06/2009 11:07 pm