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UFED 4PC and OPPO A54 5G problem

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Hi All,

I found a problem in acquisition of a OPPO A54 5G with UFED 4 PC.

I try Advanced Logical and Android Backup.

I use dongle and set up the smartphone as directed by UFED (debug USB, allow App, always on), however the extraction fail always. Normally, at the beginning of an acquisition, the PC authorization request appears on the smartphone, but in this case it did not happen. I think this is the problem.

Has anyone never happened? What to do in this case?


Posted : 10/08/2022 1:43 pm
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Try "Revoke ADB authorization" from Developer options and try again.

Posted : 10/08/2022 9:18 pm
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Now I have solved by acquiring with Oxygen, but I will apply your advice in future

Posted : 12/08/2022 6:39 am