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Hi All, hoping to get some insights here. Working on a forensics case that involves someone deleting a crime scene video from a mobile phone (one of the new Samsung Galaxy phones). Cellbrite supports this device for a Qualcomm full file system extraction, which I did. Obviously, I have no hopes of recovering the actual video, but I was wondering if there are any logs that indicate that a video was even taken? Any "activity" databases I can look into? If I can show that a video was taken or the video app was running at a specific time, this would be enough. 

Thank you for all the help!

Posted : 16/05/2023 3:01 pm
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  • Android System Logs
  • Camera App Logs
  • Media Metadata Databases
  • Application Usage Logs
  • Google Timeline
Posted : 18/05/2023 2:12 pm