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Windows 7: How to change Administrator password

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Dear All,
I did the forensic acquisition of a PC using ftkimager and I created the related virtual machine using VirtualBox.
The PC has an administrative account. I should log in, but I don't know the password.
I attempted to obtain the password using Ophcrack, without success.

Does anybody suggest me how to change or crack the Administrator password?
The OS is Windows 7

Best Regards
Andrea Liguoro

Posted : 09/06/2023 8:54 am
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Cracking the password is unnecessary. There are a half dozen ways to get into Windows 7.

The most common is to use an installation or recovery disk.

You can use Linux to access the SAM files.

You can use any of several special purpose software tools.

Or you can go the tool free approach and let Windows *Ease of Access* do it for you. Youtube has many examples, here's one:  Win7 Password Reset

Posted : 09/06/2023 9:02 pm