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.XRY format explore the filesystem

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I'm looking for a way to view .xry files without XAMN / Reader.
I want to explore the filesystem and see the files.

anyone know how to do it?


Posted : 15/03/2018 4:25 pm
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You need to export the data in a different format than .XRY.

Export Node Data I believe is the option but you need their tool to do it. I think it will give you a .BIN as an output.


Posted : 15/03/2018 5:31 pm
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Jamie is correct in the above; you will need to export the files to be able to browse them or you can use XAMN Viewer/Spotlight and the File tree view to display the files in the file structure from the device. If you decide to export the files check the export option Reflect original path to keep the original file path intact in th export as well.

If you have a physical extraction you can export the .bin from XACT which is installed along side XRY. Let me know if you have any further questions!

Posted : 16/03/2018 9:42 am