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Person threatens to sue for removing password

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Whatever you say - so be it )

Posted : 20/11/2018 4:38 pm
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Whatever you say - so be it )

I Heard this forum would be professional and helpful. Joined just to ask this,

Posted : 21/11/2018 3:58 am
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Monika, this forum _has_ been professional and helpful.

These are experienced examiners and industry professionals - don't mistake a casual typing style for a lack of skill or an attempt to assist when _your_ question has been less than clear in detail. Remember that they are helping you out in their own time when you possibly made a mess of something …

Now I, for one, am not adverse to the idea of cracking / removing the password in order to image - but the process would need to be well documented and understood, and your evidence handling would have to be beyond reproach otherwise the very realistic possibility of claims of modification post seizure would become an issue.

This certainly wouldn't be an issue in a UK court if it was done correctly, nor is there a risk of being sued by the defendant …

Posted : 21/11/2018 12:27 pm
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