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Windows 10 HDD Partition deleted/formatted over, partially overwritten restore.

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I had a 500gb hard drive with about 450gb data on it.

Backed up most of it, failing a few folders.

I'd delete a basic delete when reinstalling windows 10 from a USB media creation tool.

I've used [email protected] Undelete to create a disk image of the drive and I've been working on restoring the files.

Using the [email protected] Partition recovery, the superscan shows there are about 17 different "MFT zones" showing up over varying sectors of the drive.

However, the issue I'm running into is that only files that take up 1 sector actually restore correctly, any file more than 1 sector is kaput, viewing the disk editor for the file in comparison to a live working example, they do not match whatsoever. (compared a few windows files that took up more than 1 sector, vs 1 sector only files)

1 sector files match on both live and the deleted partition.

I currently have no idea what to do, all the data is there in file name and size, but I'm not sure if it's gone completely or If I can do something to realign the MFT or something similar so the sectors work.

If this is possible can someone quote me etc, thanks 🙂 looking at about 100gb in data that needs to be restored, can see all files (I understand that some of these may have been overwritten by the windows 10 install, so may not all be restorable)

Perhaps none of the files can be restored.

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Posted : 20/01/2021 3:11 am
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