Simon Biles, Thinking Security

Simon Biles, together with his wife, runs an Information Security Consultancy – Thinking Security – from near Oxford in the UK. He is currently consulting with HM Revenue and Customs on Security Architecture. He is also studying for an MSc Read more

Gene Spafford, CERIAS

Gene, can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to work at CERIAS?

My academic PhD was work in reliable operating systems. I then did a post-doc in software testing, which I viewed as … Read more

Paul Wright, City of London Police

Paul, can you tell us something about your background and your current role?

I’m a Detective Sergeant with the City of London Police; I was previously seconded to the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit as an operational team leader. As a … Read more

Jonathan Krause, Forensic Control

Jonathan Krause is the owner of Forensic Control, which he established on 2008. Based in London they provide computer forensics services to law firms and corporate clients.

Jonathan, can you tell us something about your background? How did you get Read more

David Sullivan, Appointments-UK

Can you tell us something about your background? How did Appointments-UK come into being?

I’ve enjoyed over twelve years in recruitment, starting out in the city [London] specialising in IT within Investment Banking.

The area that really interested me was … Read more

Stefan Fleischmann, CEO X-Ways Software Technology AG

Stefan, can you tell us something about your background? Why did you decide to concentrate on the forensic aspects of WinHex and develop X-Ways Forensics?

Originally I started programming WinHex because I needed a hex editor and disk editor myself … Read more

Harlan Carvey

How did you get started in computer forensics, was there something in particular which appealed to you about investigating computer misuse?

When I first got started in computer security, I quickly noticed the number of people who were Linux or … Read more

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