Countering Anti-Forensic Efforts – Part 1

by Oleg Afonin, Danil Nikolaev & Yuri Gubanov © Belkasoft Research 2015 Computer forensic techniques allow investigators to collect evidence from various digital devices. Tools and techniques exist allowing discovery of evidence that is difficult to get, including destroyed, locked,… Read more

Browser Anti Forensics

This write-up is just to demonstrate that how one’s browser history can go off track misleading the examiner. An investigator can identify it by noticing the odd in history, sample given in Figure 2. Let’s first take a closer look… Read more

Are users getting smarter?

First published February 2010 by Darren Ilston of MelBek Technology There is no doubt in my mind that computer users in general think they are becoming smarter when it comes to covering their tracks.The usual suspects of deleting browser… Read more

Smart Anti-Forensics

First published June 2005 by Steven McLeod steven mcleod@ozemail com au May 2005 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper highlights an oversight in the current industry best practice procedure for forensically duplicating a hard disk. A discussion is provided which demonstrates that… Read more