Autopsy 3: Windows-based, Easy to Use, and Free

If you are like many digital investigators, you’ve heard about the Autopsy™ digital forensics tool and associate it with a course that used Linux to analyze a device.  Or, maybe you associate it with a book that made references to … Read more

Mobile Phone Forensic Challenges


A great number of the mobile phones used worldwide every second require special knowledge and skills from forensic experts.  More often it is not enough to be an experienced expert in computer forensics to understand all the peculiarities and … Read more

Forensic Toolkit v3 Tips and Tricks – On a budget

While researching FTK 3X and Oracle, you just recently discovered that the best configuration of your Oracle database would be on a solid state drive (SSD). Solid state drives give the maximum level of performance to Oracle databases and in … Read more

I’m here! Now what?

by Ken Pryor

Working for a small police department in a rural area, my opportunities to do digital forensic work on real cases are much fewer and farther between than those who work in large departments or in the private
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Alternatives to Helix3

First published August 2009

by BJ Gleason

Author’s note: The article you are about to read was originally written in March 2009. The kind people at Linux+DVD magazine have allowed us to make my articles available after the printed version
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An Investigation Into Computer Forensic Tools

First published June 2005

K.K. Arthur & H.S. Venter
Information and Computer Security Architectures (ICSA) Research Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Pretoria

This material is based upon work supported by Telkom, IST and the NRF through THRIP. … Read more