Targeted Collections: Balancing Legal Precision And Data Privacy

In this installment of our series exploring the transformative power of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture in the legal landscape, we delve deep into the art of targeted collections. This crucial component of modern legal data management not only complements our previous… Read more

Corporate Investigations and the UK Data Protection Act

First published September 2007 by Rowenna Fielding INTRODUCTION A number of requirements of the Data Protection Act apply to workplace monitoring. While the DPA does not prohibit employee monitoring and investigation, any such activity must conform to the requirements of… Read more

Intrusion Detection System Logs as Evidence and Legal Aspects

First published January 2007 Fahmid Imtiaz School of Computer and Information Science Edith Cowan University E-mail: Abstract Modern techniques and methodologies for detecting attacks and malicious activities on computers and networks has evolved a lot over the last couple… Read more

Are non technical juries keeping criminals at large?

First published February 2006 by Carrie Moss, Marketing Assistant, CY4OR In England and Wales the only qualifications required of a jury member to be eligible to appear in a court of law are that they are registered on the… Read more