How Law Firms and Litigation Specialists Are Using Detego’s Technology to Fast-Track Investigations

It’s no secret that digital evidence can be crucial in any court case.

As the world continues to embrace more technology, from smartphones and tablets to drones and smart devices, digital tools tend to hold significant amounts of crucial information. In fact, some studies suggest around 90% of court cases now involve some manner of digital evidence.

For law firms and litigation specialists, the ability to extract and showcase digital evidence could be the key to winning a case, but what happens when the critical information that’s needed has been removed or altered?

It’s not uncommon for criminals or suspects in a case to delete, copy or modify digital evidence which could affect their chances of winning. It’s even possible for people to change evidence to make another party look guilty. That’s why it’s so important for legal professionals to utilise Digital Forensics tools to uncover the truth. Using these tools can enable legal teams to gain access to data on devices easily, recover deleted files, track down the original source of a message or image, and even recover encrypted or password-protected data.

The Power of Digital Forensics for Legal Firms

Digital forensics technology can help legal professionals to retrieve the most accurate data from any device, whether it’s a smartphone, drone or tablet. Unlike basic “e-discovery”, digital forensics technology allows firms to do a lot more than simply collect data from digital records. A Unified Digital Forensics platform like Detego empowers legal teams to:

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  • Identify authentic, valuable data in a range of mobile devices, hard drives, loose media, smart devices and computers, without having to manually search through records.
  • Collect data from physical devices, even when documents have been deleted, modified, encrypted or password-protected.
  • Protect the data collected to ensure it remains accurate and undamaged.
  • Run advanced analytical processes to identify instances of tampering and falsifying evidence, be it pictures, videos or documents.
  • Identify links between suspects, devices and cases and generate court-ready reports in a few minutes.

How Detego Supports Litigation Specialists

To truly take advantage of the benefits digital forensics has to offer when collecting and managing data, legal specialists need access to the correct tools. Detego’s Unified Digital Forensics platform provides specialists with an all-in-one toolkit to extract, analyse and report on critical evidence.

As an all-in-one ecosystem, the platform makes it easier to quickly examine a wide range of digital devices from a single interface. The end-to-end technology is particularly important in the legal landscape, where maintaining a consistent “chain of custody” for all data is crucial.

With Detego, legal professionals can track the flow of information from the extraction point to the production of a court-ready report, to ensure evidence remains secure and accurate.

Unlike other digital forensics platforms, Detego’s Unified platform also offers unique benefits to legal professionals in the fast-paced litigation landscape, such as:

  • Access to automation: Detego’s Unified Forensics platform has automation built-in, to streamline the investigative process with the configuration of bespoke workflows, so exhibits can be quickly and easily analysed.
  • Technology for the field: Detego’s intuitive interface makes it easier for non-technical users to collect information from any environment, without the need for a complete lab. This can make it easier to extract data from the devices of witnesses and legal parties.
  • Advanced analysis: Built-in tools for intelligent analysis make it easier to detect the links between data exhibits and create court-ready reports for your case. The Detego technology makes it easier to identify, align and present critical data.
  • Training and support: Detego’s team can offer exceptional training and support for those who need help learning the basics of digital forensics. This can lead to the creation of more in-depth reports by lab-ready analysts.

What’s more, Detego offers some of the world’s most powerful imaging and analytics tools. Detego’s Ballistic Imager produces speeds up to 4 times faster than any other imaging solution, while the rapid Field Triage solution enables users to pinpoint data relevant to investigations without running extensive, time-consuming data extraction and analytical processes.

Create Court-Ready Evidence with Detego

The right evidence can easily make or break any court case. However, capturing and preserving this evidence in today’s ever-changing digital environment can be complex.

And this is where Detego can help. Find out what Detego’s Unified Digital Forensics Platform can empower your legal team by requesting a free, fully functional trial:

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