The Evolution Of E-Crime: From Hacking To Cyberwarfare

The dawn of the digital age brought with it a new breed of criminal – the cybercriminal. As computers and the internet became more ubiquitous in business and personal life, those with malicious intents saw opportunities to exploit these new… Read more

Event Recap: 18th Teaching Digital Forensics Workshop

by Si Biles, co-host of the Forensic Focus podcast Warwick University hosted the 18th Teaching Digital Forensics Workshop on Wednesday 23rd November 2022. Largely owing to the big “C”, the last in-person event was back in 2019. As you’d expect… Read more

2022 Recap on GMDSOFT ‘MD-Series’

This article will help you to understand the important features that are released in MD-Series in 2022. If you are new to MD-Series, here’s a simple product introduction. Mobile data extraction software MD-NEXT Mobile data analysis software MD-RED On-site Mobile… Read more

Si and Desi Holiday Special 2022

Si: Welcome to the Forensic Focus Podcast. This is a holiday special which will actually, unlike some of the other ones, go out within a few days of the recording, because Desi’s a genius and is going to edit it… Read more

Protecting Organisations From Insider Threats With Detego

In recent years, companies have begun rapidly increasing their investment into security and compliance tools built to keep data secure from external threats. While the increase in cyber-criminal activity is a clear concern for business leaders, it’s not the only… Read more

Welcome to the 14th Forensic Technology Days 2022

With only 3 weeks to go until mh Service GmbH’s annual Forensic Technology Day — which begins on the 28th of September and features the world’s leading forensics practitioners — it will soon be time to pack your toothbrush, dust… Read more