Protecting Organisations From Insider Threats With Detego

In recent years, companies have begun rapidly increasing their investment into security and compliance tools built to keep data secure from external threats.

While the increase in cyber-criminal activity is a clear concern for business leaders, it’s not the only risk they should be considering. Studies show that some of the greatest dangers facing organisations actually come from within.

According to the 2022 Cost of Insider Threats Global Report produced by the Ponemon Institute, companies have detected up to 44% more insider threats in the last two years. What’s more, the costs incurred from each detected incident have increased by more than a third, reaching up to $15.38 million on average around the world. Unfortunately, while many businesses are becoming more aware of the repercussions of insider threats, most struggle to detect and act on them.

The time taken to contain an insider threat incident has increased from 77 to 85 days in the last year. Unfortunately, the longer it takes to discover and mitigate a threat, the greater the damage. Incidents that take businesses more than 90 days to contain cost anywhere up to $17.19 million in data breaches and wasted resources per year.

Using Digital Forensics to Tackle Insider Threats

Building an effective security strategy in the evolving digital world means companies need to maintain visibility over not just external threats but internal risks as well. Insider threats remain some of the largest unsolved issues in cybersecurity, simply because brands fail to implement the right tools for monitoring the flow of data and activity within the organisation.

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Simply implementing prevention programs is rarely enough to stop insider threats. Organisations need a comprehensive system of digital forensics tools to help them navigate this evolving risk landscape. Digital forensics tools are perhaps the most valuable solutions for companies striving to better understand where threats come from and how they can be stopped. These solutions also open the door to more effective investigations, ensuring that the people responsible for data breaches and theft can be brought to justice.

Digital forensics tools combine intelligent data extraction and monitoring technology to help business leaders protect data on a global scale. The right technology can reveal when an insider has suspiciously accessed, transferred or edited files, or downloaded dangerous/suspicious material (be it malware or hacking tools). Digital forensics tools form the backbone to building court cases for legal proceedings.

With a digital forensics platform, companies can:

  • Cohesively monitor and track the systems of at-risk employees
  • Conduct proactive internal compliance checks and examine employee behaviour
  • Monitor access to and usage of sensitive and valuable data
  • Forensically secure and analyse critical data from mobiles, computers, USBs and other connected devices
  • Respond to regulatory requests with case-ready reports
  • Investigate incidents of internal misconduct and suspicious activity
  • Reduce risks associated with sensitive transactions (such as mergers and acquisitions)

Reducing Insider Threats with Detego’s Digital Forensics Tools

Having a strategy for insider threat mitigation built around digital forensics has become increasingly important in recent years as companies adopt more distributed workplace strategies. Hybrid and remote work, globalisation and consolidation among brands are leading to an increase in the amount of data, people and processes that companies need to manage in the digital world.

The Detego Unified Digital Forensics Platform is built to support companies in their quest to capture digital evidence before it’s lost, deleted, altered or corrupted. In a world where around 90% of crime has a digital element, digital forensics tools are rapidly emerging as a critical component in the security and privacy stack of any business.

With Detego digital forensics, business leaders can collect evidence in a repeatable, forensically sound manner that preserves the correct chain of custody from start to finish. Perhaps most importantly, Detego’s Unified Digital Forensics Platform ensures that businesses can remotely collect data from network-connected computers in an evolving workplace. The Remote Acquisition tool built into the technology provides brands with a lightweight network agent that can simultaneously capture data from multiple devices linked to a network.

The patented rapid imaging technology makes it quick and simple to collect information in both covert and normal modes, so companies can avoid alerting employees in the midst of an investigation. Remote Acquisition enables organisations to resume extraction from previous cut-off points in the event of a network failure or drop. It also allows investigators to remotely image devices plugged into networked computers and laptops.

What Can Companies Do With Detego’s Unified Platform?

The award-winning Detego Unified Digital Forensics Platform is built with business users and everyday professionals in mind. Designed to fast-track investigations in any environment, the platform can provide everything from artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics to help track the core source of a breach, to record-setting data acquisition in time-sensitive situations.

With Detego’s Unified Digital Forensics Platform, brands can quickly and accurately source forensic evidence and data from a range of tools used by employees. Detego can collect information not just from computers and phones but also from smart devices, drones and loose media, as well as from thousands of cloud-connected applications.

Automated job queues and AI-enhanced capabilities streamline the data acquisition process and assist investigators in developing court-ready reports without the need for extensive technical know-how. Detego can even be operated by non-technical users, making it suitable for both field and lab-based environments. Leading enterprises around the globe are taking advantage of Detego’s suite of tools, including:

  • Ballistic Imager – Uses the world’s fastest patented imaging technology to enable investigators to capture 1TB of data from computers, laptops and servers in less than 8 minutes
  • Field Triage –  A portable tool that rapidly identifies files related to investigations and provides instant alerts without running time-consuming data extraction and analytical processes
  • Media Acquisition – Fast-tracks investigations by simultaneously securing and analysing data from multiple removable devices (loose media), while providing live views of the data being captured
  • Remote Acquisition – Helps secure system information, RAM data, usernames and passwords, internet artefacts and physical images from endpoints connected to a network
  • Detego MD – Unlocks and extracts data from tens of thousands of mobile phone models, Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices, drones, more than 2,000 apps and more
  • Detego Analyse – Integrates all forensic acquisitions and leverages powerful AI and automation features to promptly provide in-depth analysis, intelligence and court-ready reports
  • Detego Fusion – Helps build detailed intelligence on cases with advanced link analysis while exposing valuable connections between places, people, cases and devices

In a world where insider threats are just as problematic as external attacks, companies can’t afford to overlook the importance of digital forensics.

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