Bringing Digital Forensics into the Field with Portable DFIR tools from Detego Global

The increase in digital technology has led to a rise in sophisticated crimes such as fraud, cybercrime, human trafficking, and terrorism. While digital forensics is a vital tool for law enforcement, military, and corporate investigators to gather evidence and bring perpetrators to justice, traditional tools are often limited to laboratory settings and require specialised skills, making it challenging to deploy the technology for teams that need to investigate and address threats in the field.

To combat this, Detego Global offers various deployment options to assist investigators in bringing the fight against crime to the front lines. These options include lightweight mobile deployment kits equipped with all the necessary technology and hardware, as well as DFIR kiosks and solutions for mobile digital forensic units.

The Detego Unified Investigations platform provides highly-mobile solutions that field agents can use to extract data, automate analytical tasks, examine evidence, and create court-ready reports based on data from thousands of devices. Additionally, Detego enables the sharing of profiles, which include hash lists, keywords, password extractions, artefacts, and user directory information related to investigations, between units to increase efficiency and ensure departments operate at the highest level of synchronisation.

The Rising Demand for Mobile Deployment Options

Lab-based digital forensics units are essential in many cases, but they may not always be able to meet the needs of mobile operational teams that need to quickly collect evidence from multiple devices at crime scenes. In order to be effective, professionals need access to tools that enable them to identify devices with relevant information on-site and send them back to the lab for further analysis.

Mobile-ready solutions such as Detego’s Unified Investigations Platform empower field agents to rapidly extract data from devices, make informed decisions, and streamline investigations, anywhere. With instant results, these solutions can significantly reduce investigation backlogs and expedite cases. Detego’s platform can be deployed in kiosks or field deployment packs, which include specialised equipment for ease of use, durability and efficiency, even under harsh conditions. These options enable military groups, police officers, and other mobile intelligence agencies to conduct forensically-sound investigations anywhere without waiting for results from a lab or adding to unnecessary backlogs.

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How Detego Empowers Mobile Investigations

The Detego Unified Investigations platform comes with access to all of the tools and software solutions users need to streamline digital forensics investigations in labs and in the field, including:

  • Ballistic Imager: Selected as a finalist for the coveted Best Computer Forensic Solution award by SC Magazine in 2022, this tool leverages patented technology to rapidly secure data from computers, laptops, and servers 4x faster than the industry average.
  • Field Triage: The winner of the UK’s Security and Innovation award, this highly portable tool is perfect for investigating data on a range of devices including computers, laptops and loose media. It uses a patented red-amber-green visual alert system to identify and alert users of data related to investigations without running extensive data extraction and analytical processes.
  • Media Acquisition: The Media Acquisition tool streamlines investigations by rapidly and simultaneously analysing, collecting and securing data from various removable devices.
  • Detego MD: Users can quickly and easily extract data from tens of thousands of mobile phone models, as well as a variety of drones, wearables, IoT devices and mobile applications with Detego MD.
  • Remote Acquisition: This tool enables rapid imaging and data extraction across networked environments, with the option to quickly resume extractions from cut-off points in the event of network failures, as well as the ability to forensically secure data from loose media connected to networked devices.
  • Detego Fusion: Helps any investigator to rapidly build reports, with accurate data analysis and AI-powered tools to help identify missing links between people, places, devices and cases.
  • Detego Analyse: Leverages the power of AI to automatically analyse digital information and data in a fraction of the time. Analyse turns countless sources of distributed data into comprehensive, court-ready reports.

Several solutions that makeup Detego’s Unified Digital Forensics Platform even come with a dedicated covert mode to enable investigators to carry out investigations without tipping off suspects.

Empower Every Investigator with Detego

Investigating thousands of devices in various environments can be time-consuming, and investigators cannot always afford to wait for lab availability to identify devices with crucial data. And by bringing digital investigations to the field, backlogs and delays that teams often encounter can be drastically reduced.

Digital forensics needs to adapt and move beyond the lab if law enforcement, military, border control teams and other professional agencies are to stay ahead of criminals. To learn more about how to empower your field-based teams with easy-to-use technology that delivers fast, forensically sound results, contact Detego Global, or request a free-fully functional trial here.

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