eDiscovery Investigations in the Age of Remote Work

Julia O’Shea: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining today’s webinar: eDiscovery Investigations in the Age of Remote Work. My name is Julia O’Shea and I’m a Product Marketing Manager here at Cellebrite. Now I’d like to introduce our speakers today: Derrick… Read more

Be That Trusted Advisor

A white businessman holds a tablet with a high customer satisfaction score
By Robert B. Fried, Senior Vice President, Sandline Global, Forensics & Investigations As forensic practitioners, we must do our best to stay ahead of ever-changing technology but sometimes we are thrown curve balls.  For example, taking a trip down memory… Read more

Authenticating Internet Web Pages as Evidence: a New Approach

By John Patzakis [1] and Brent Botta [2] Previously, in Forensic Focus, we addressed the issue of evidentiary authentication of social media data (see previous entries here and here). General Internet site data available through standard web browsing, instead of… Read more