Duck Hunt: Memory Forensics of USB Attack Platforms

Matthew: Welcome to our presentation. I’m Matthew Piscitelli. Tyler: And I’m Tyler Thomas. Matthew: And we performed memory forensics on USB attack platforms. This work was supported by National Science Foundation Grant number 1921813. We looked at two USB attack… Read more

Capturing RAM Dumps and Imaging eMMC Storage on Windows Tablets

Oleg Afonin, Danil Nikolaev, Yuri Gubanov © Belkasoft Research 2015 While Windows desktops and laptops are relatively easy to acquire, the same cannot be said about portable Windows devices such as tablets and convertibles (devices with detachable keyboards). Having no… Read more

Digital forensics of the physical memory

First published September 2005 Mariusz Burdach Warsaw, March 2005 last update: July 11, 2005 Abstract This paper presents methods by which physical memory from a compromised machine can be analyzed. Through this methods, it is possible to extract useful… Read more