Industry Roundup: Mobile Field Triage Solutions

The ability to collect digital evidence in the field — away from a forensic laboratory — has long been a need in corporate, private, and law enforcement investigations. That’s only accelerated over the past decade, as more people’s mobile devices… Read more

Mobile Device Geotags & Armed Forces

In recent years it has been noticeable that the amount of people carrying a smart phone has increased exponentially. This is down to their low price and availability; even children as young as 12 have a smart phone. However, most… Read more

Mobile Phone Forensic Challenges

Introduction A great number of the mobile phones used worldwide every second require special knowledge and skills from forensic experts.  More often it is not enough to be an experienced expert in computer forensics to understand all the peculiarities and… Read more

Evaluating Mobile Telephone Connection Behaviour – Part 2

The Basics of Evaluating Connection Records by Sam Raincock, IT and telecommunications expert witness Connection RecordsWithin the UK, details of past telephone connections are stored by the network providers. The minimum storage is advised by the Data Retention (EC Directive)… Read more

Recording Telephone Calls

First published March 2009 by Greg Smith Mobile Telephone Evidence & Forensics A question that often gets asked is “Can I record a telephone call?” and the answer to that is that you can (according to publicly available material),… Read more

Mobile Phone and GPS Forensics – Some Thoughts

First published February 2009 by Greg Smith Mobile Telephone Evidence & Forensics Mobile telephones are the predominate wireless telecommunications device throughout the world and most certainly in the UK they predominate other technologies, where ownership has reached well over… Read more