Working With Warrant Returns in XRY and XAMN

Hi, I’m Kevin Kyono. I’m a technical sales engineer with MSAB, and this is XRY and XAMN in 5. In addition to extracting data from devices, XRY has the ability to import your returns from search warrants and other legal … Read more

Forensic Focus Legal Update: The COVID-19 Edition

When employers worldwide instituted remote-work policies to help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, the impact to entire criminal justice systems — from law enforcement to evidence processing through the courts — was profound.

Digital evidence examiners in … Read more

Serving search warrants in Spain

First published January 2010

The expert witness perspective

by Joaquim Anguas


This article describes the most common schema and basic procedure in which search warrants related to computer evidence are served in Spain from the expert witness perspective, and

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