After SQLite, What Next? A Must-Read Primer On LevelDB

Over recent weeks, Alex Caithness, Principal Analyst at CCL Solutions, has been exploring the LevelDB database format. As ubiquitous as SQLite has become owing to the popularity of iOS and Android, he argues, “The trio of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript… Read more

Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge From A Forensic Point Of View

by Oleg Skulkin & Svetlana Ostrovskaya Recently Microsoft finally released the Chromium-based version of Edge Browser, so it seems we’ll miss ESE databases soon (not). Of course, it may have a similar set of forensic artifacts to Chromium or Chrome,… Read more

Forensic Analysis of Damaged SQLite Databases

by Oleg Skulkin & Igor Mikhaylov SQLite databases are very common sources of forensic artifacts nowadays. A lot of mobile applications store data in such databases: you can also find them on desktop computers and laptops as well as, for… Read more