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Digital Forensics, Computer Forensics, eDiscovery

Forensic Focus Forum Round-Up

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 (13:42:54)
Welcome to this round-up of recent posts to the Forensic Focus forums.

Where to start with audio forensics training? Add your thoughts in the forum.

Forum members discuss how to extract data from an ICC card.

Does non-compliance with ACPO guidelines mean that evidence will be rejected?

How can a pattern lock be removed from an Android device when USB debugging is not enabled?

Forum members give their recommendations for social media collections tools.

Is it possible to pull data from anonymous chat apps such as Telegram and Line?

Which mouse would you recommend for digital forensics work? Chime in on the forum.

Forum members discuss how to recover emoji from Whatsapp messages on a Galaxy Note 3.

Webinar tomorrow: Getting to Know Oxygen Forensic Passware Analyst

Monday, September 15, 2014 (14:47:04)
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 7am PT / 10am ET / 2pm GMT
Duration: 60 minutes
Presenter: Tatiana Pankova, Oxygen Forensics

This free webinar, hosted by Tatiana Pankova of Oxygen Forensics, aims to provide a brief but comprehensive overview of Oxygen Forensic Passware Analyst. Learn how to acquire data from a wide range of mobile platforms, device images and cloud storage as well as decrypt and analyze information from password-protected and encrypted sources in a single smooth workflow.

Register today at https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/655143102
  • Posted by: jamie
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Recovering Kik Messenger Forensic Artifacts

Monday, September 15, 2014 (10:44:31)
In today’s world, where mobile phones are the technology of choice used by millions to communicate, chat applications like Kik Messenger are often used in the commission of crimes like online harassment, or to plan or facilitate crimes like drug trafficking, robbery or murder.

More and more digital forensics examiners are seeing the need to investigate Kik Messenger as a vital source of evidence, and the ability to recover data from this app is becoming critical to their investigations.

Find out how to retrieve Kik contact, message and chat data from iOS and Android devices...

Read More (Magnet Forensics)

Job Vacancies: State Electronic Evidence Branch, NSW Police, Australia

Saturday, September 13, 2014 (08:32:26)
State Electronic Evidence Branch (SEEB) is the largest specialist electronic evidence forensic facility in Australia and operates out of a state of the art laboratory in Potts Hill located in south-west Sydney.

These exciting positions will be working in the SEEB Research and Development team and candidates will:

1) have a strong interest or background in forensic research;
2) be able to provide a professional and responsive electronic evidence service for NSW Police and other government agency investigations that require the retrieval, reconstruction and recording of digital evidence generated by mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices...

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  • Posted by: jamie
  • Topic: News
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Nuix 6.0 - Mac OS and Linux Support

Thursday, September 11, 2014 (11:29:14)
"Over the years Nuix has had a lot of requests for a Mac OS and Linux versions of our software. Our developers put a lot of work into it and I’m pleased to say Nuix 6.0 is available for Mac OS and Linux as well as Windows. Macs are very common in law enforcement environments, so I know this is welcome news for our customers who wear the shield, as they say in the US.

As well as making our app run on Mac OS, we have significantly increased our support for Mac file formats and forensic artifacts. Parallels virtual disk images have caused headaches for investigators because there is limited forensic support for this format. Investigators have been forced to convert these virtual images to different formats to make them readable, however this potentially compromises forensic integrity. Nuix 6.0 eliminates this problem by directly ingesting parallels virtual disks..."

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