Changing Perceptions Of Large And Complex Investigations

Changing Perceptions of Large and Complex Investigations The perception of what constitutes a “large and complex” investigation has evolved dramatically over the decades. One of the most illustrative examples of this evolution is the Yorkshire Ripper case from the late… Read more

How Detego’s Latest Features are Empowering ICAC Investigators

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From FileVault To T2: How To Deal With Native Apple Encryption

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Digital Forensics Education, Certification And Training Guide

University Programs Digital forensics training is available in various formats, each with its unique merits and challenges. University programs are one option, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses that cater to different levels of expertise and career aspirations. Undergraduate These… Read more

OSAC And Standards In The Digital Evidence World

by Steve Johnson AI CLPE, CFA, Standards Ambassador – Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for Forensic Science In 1998, as the personal computer and cell phone industry was starting to explode, the Scientific Working Group for Digital Evidence (SWGDE)… Read more

Targeted Collections: Balancing Legal Precision And Data Privacy

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The Pitfalls Of Relying On iTunes Backups For Investigations

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The Evolution Of E-Crime: From Hacking To Cyberwarfare

The dawn of the digital age brought with it a new breed of criminal – the cybercriminal. As computers and the internet became more ubiquitous in business and personal life, those with malicious intents saw opportunities to exploit these new… Read more

How To Use The Macroblocks Filter In Amped FIVE

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How To Screenshot Mobile Evidence With Mobile Device Investigator 

Cell phones are used for communication, entertainment, and even as essential tools for work. With the widespread usage of smartphones, law enforcement, and digital forensics professionals have recognized the significance of capturing digital evidence from these devices. By taking screenshots,… Read more

Extracting Google Chrome Using Android Agent

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