Atola Insight Forensic Gets iSCSI Support for Remote Imaging

Atola Technology released a software update for Atola Insight Forensic, a fast forensic imaging system with the capacity to run 3 simultaneous imaging sessions and work with damaged media.  Version 5.5 brings support for the iSCSI protocol, enabling remote imaging… Read more

Atola Adds RAID 6 Support To Its TaskForce Imagers

Atola Technology introduces the long-awaited support for RAID 6 in a new firmware version 2023.10 for both its forensic hardware imagers: the portable TaskForce with 18 ports and the newest TaskForce 2 with 26 ports, including four M.2 NVMe ports,… Read more

Atola Technology launches Atola Virtual Booth

On May 20, Atola Technology is launching Atola Virtual Booth, a space for meetings with existing and potential customers, partners and friends. “While physically distancing for the time being, we want to remain socially active and available for a conversation… Read more