TaskForce Introduces Web API For Workflow Automation

Atola Technology team has recently released TaskForce firmware version 2019.7. TaskForce is now equipped with built-in Web API to optimize workflow, minimize waiting time and complete more tasks in less clicks. TaskForce Web API allows operators to use it in… Read more

NVMe drive support in Atola Insight Forensic

At the beginning of July Atola Technology introduced the latest software release for Atola Insight Forensic. Version 4.13 includes a range of new features, the most anticipated of which is NVMe drive support. From now on, Insight users will be… Read more

Artifact Search With Atola Insight Forensic

On December 5 Atola Technology released Atola Insight Forensic 4.10, a new version of software for the company’s flagship device, Atola Insight Forensic. The key feature of this release is the searching and viewing of artifacts in the course of… Read more

Segmented Hashing With Atola Insight Forensic

It has been a year since Atola Technology introduced the concept of Segmented hashing, presented the open-source tool Seghash and supported it on its flagship device, Atola Insight Forensic. While this method of hashing has a number of benefits for… Read more