NVMe drive support in Atola Insight Forensic

At the beginning of July Atola Technology introduced the latest software release for Atola Insight Forensic. Version 4.13 includes a range of new features, the most anticipated of which is NVMe drive support.

From now on, Insight users will be able to image NVMe drives with the help of an adapter produced by Qnine, which has been tested by Atola QA team.

“With the ever increasing range of types and interfaces of data storage devices, Atola team is focused on keeping pace with the latest technology to allow our users cope with this diversity with the help of our products. Atola engineers develop effective solutions, enhancing Insight’s operating capability, allowing multitasking and making imaging faster” – said Atola Technology CEO Dmitry Postrigan, when commenting on Atola Insight Forensic 4.13 release.

Atola engineers have also improved network connectivity for users who operate several Insights in their network. Insight operators can easily adjust the Hostname of the unit for easy identification in the list of available units and also identify the unit they have selected by the blinking LED indicators on the front panel.

Another feature introduced with this release is the setting allowing an external DHCP server (a router, a local server module or the computer to which Insight is connected directly) to assign the dynamic IP address to a DiskSense unit on demand.

To learn more about other great features from this release, look up the product changelog.

Atola Technology

Atola Technology is a hardware and software development company based in Vancouver, Canada specializing in creating hard drive imaging tools for the global forensic market.

Atola’s engineers – including its founder and CEO Dmitry Postrigan – have deep expertise in data recovery, and focus on creating highly efficient and user-friendly forensic tools.

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