Atola TaskForce Wins Appreciation As The Most Capable Portable Imaging Tool

Atola TaskForce’s compact format and multiple connectivity options make it an easily portable device that is capable of imaging 15TB/hour in the lab or in the field. As the company gets feedback from the tool’s first users and potential customers, the value of this innovative tool becomes obvious: it dramatically expedites evidence acquisition tasks for crime scene examiners, financial investigators and tactical forces.

“In the age of ginormous data volumes, evidence acquisition becomes ever trickier to manage, especially when you end up with lots of storage devices on the crime scene or at the organization, whose financial activity you are looking into. To tackle this challenge, investigators require efficient imaging solutions capable of processing large amounts of data in minimum time span.” says Dmitry Postrigan, Atola’s CEO. “With TaskForce, we have made large-scale evidence acquisition jobs way faster for forensic examiners.“

In standalone mode, you can image data from multiple source drives to target drives simultaneously. TaskForce is equipped with highly responsive QHD touch screen, which makes its operation easy in such circumstances.

There is also a built-in WiFi spot 150 Mb/s adapter, which can be used as a Hotspot, thus enabling investigators to connect to TaskForce from mobile devices and manage tasks using Chrome browser. For more information about connectivity options, please visit our website:

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About Atola Technology
Atola Technology is a hardware and software development company founded in 2003 and based in Vancouver, Canada. The company’s software engineers, including its founder and CEO Dmitry Postrigan have deep expertise in data and firmware recovery, and focus on creating highly efficient and user-friendly hard drive imaging tools for the global forensic market.

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